We have been developing measuring instruments for our customers for over 100 years. Every day, in countless applications around the world, we make our know-how available to our customers and thus contribute a good part to the reliability and accuracy of plants and machines. Every detail in our measurement equipment is the sum of decades of experience and always serves the purpose of improving the efficiency of the equipment and the safety in your applications.

From our beginnings until today, Heinrichs Messtechnik e.g. accompanies the development of explosion protection nationally as well as internationally or offers knowledge and support e.g. for the design of norms and standards especially for flow meters.
With measuring instruments from Heinrichs Messtechnik you decide for top products.


The company’s history began in 1911 with the construction of mechanical variable area flowmeters with glass measuring tubes.


In 1913, the company moved its headquarters from Düsseldorf to Cologne.
The main customers were companies in the chemical and petrochemical industries around the Cologne site, which has remained one of the largest chemical and refinery sites in Europe to this day.


As early as the beginning of the 1960s, the construction of all-metal variable area flowmeters began in order to keep pace with the increased technical requirements in the chemical industry. During this time, the development of float measuring instruments with e.g. pneumatic and electrical output signals was advanced. With the advent of electronics in measurement technology, the product range was consistently expanded. Heinrichs Messtechnik was one of the first manufacturers in Europe to start producing magnetic inductive flowmeters in the late 1960s, setting standards in measurement accuracy and long-term stability.


In the mid-1980s, Heinrichs was the first European company to develop a mass flowmeter based on the Coriolis principle and systematically expanded its range of Coriolis instruments in the years that followed. Devices developed included Hastelloy, Titanium and Tantalum, which became the reference in the chemical and petrochemical industries. This is underlined by approvals according to calibration regulations of various countries, which guarantee accuracy according to recognized standards upon delivery to our customers.


The entry into microprocessor technology at the end of the 1990s led to modern communication technologies such as HART®, Profibus and MODBUS. With the Foundation Fieldbus protocol, Heinrichs now offers all communication technologies commonly used in process instrumentation.

Heinrichs Messtechnik offers customers in the chemical/petrochemical, oil and gas, energy and plant engineering industries expertise, flexibility and customized solutions such as special materials, high-temperature designs and high-pressure designs even modern safety standards such as SIL are now firmly incorporated in the development of new converters and devices.


Heinrichs Messtechnik has been successfully integrated into the KOBOLD Group since 2008. More than 30 own subsidiaries, sales and service offices work for the KOBOLD Group worldwide, thus offering an almost seamless sales network with local contact persons.


Heinrichs Messtechnik is the first manufacturer worldwide to offer all-metal variable area flowmeters with a compact Foundation Fieldbus transmitter, underlining its innovative strength.


Introduction of the first H2 Coriolis for pressures up to 1050 bar.



Introduction of the world’s smallest Coriolis flowmeter in a 2-tube loop design.

Introducing the world’s first high-pressure hydrogen Coriolis with OIML R139-2018.