From Coriolis mass flowmeters, variable area flowmeters, magnetic inductive flowmeters, vortex flowmeters to density scales in numerous special shapes – our product range is as diverse as it is innovative.

We understand flow measurement.

Our products are available in various designs and materials. From stainless steel, Hastelloy, Monel, Titanium to Tantalum we have a wide range of materials available. We have gauges for very small as well as extremely large measuring ranges, high pressure designs and H2 applications. Let our experts advise you and make the right choice for your plant needs.

We are the specialists in the field of flow measurement technology. With our portfolio we have the perfect solution for every application. Whether high-precision electronic measurement methods such as Coriolis, magnetic-inductive, vortex flowmeters or mechanical flow measurement technology such as variable area flowmeters or flap flow meters. We deliver the best performance!

Our level indicators are perfect for level measurement of liquids in open or pressurized vessels. Our devices are suitable for processes under complex and harsh operating conditions, but also for simple and cost-conscious applications.

It is not relevant whether relative, absolute or differential pressure is to be determined. The high-quality and powerful pressure measuring devices from Kobold offer the optimal solution for industry and are used worldwide.

In many production and processing operations, the temperature of the materials and thus the control of temperatures plays an important role. We meet all requirements for common applications.

Mechanical density measurement of liquids as an alternative to Coriolis meters in places where no power supply is available. Especially because of its design as a purely mechanical system, the DWF is suitable for processes under difficult and harsh operating conditions.