Vortex Flow Meters

With our Vortex flowmeters we offer the best solution available on the market. Maintenance-free, robust construction. Fully welded without gaskets. With three integrated sensors for flow, temperature and pressure, we are ideally equipped for all measurement challenges. The versatile installation concept leaves nothing to be desired. Additional sensor inputs enable, for example, a second temperature measurement to be recorded and an energy consumption measurement to be performed without an additional flow computer.

Type: DVH
Vortex flow meter – Inline design

  • Measurement of liquids, gases and steam
  • For pipes up to DN300 (12″)
  • Flange and wafer mounting
  • Optional integrated pressure and/or temperature sensor
  • Reduced version for expanded measuring range
  • Energy consumption measurement

Type: DVE
Vortex flow meter – Insertion design

  • Messung von Flüssigkeiten, Gasen und Dampf
  • Für Leitungen bis DN600 (24“)
  • Optional Ein-/ Ausbauvorrichtung
  • Optional integrierter Druck- und/oder Temperatursensor
  • Energieverbrauchsmessung