Vortex Flow Meter
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Our vortex flowmeter provides accurate and reliable flow measurement. In addition to the high-precision velocity sensor, the flowmeter includes a precision temperature sensor and a pressure transmitter. Thus it is possible to measure volumetric flow, mass flow, temperature, pressure, density and energy consumption with one device. The multivariable principle reduces complexity and cost compared to installing multiple individual devices to obtain the same process measurements.

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Energy Monitoring
e.g. for steam and hot water applications

Robust construction, multivariable measurement and high measurement accuracy make our meters the ideal solution for recording energy consumption in your plant. The flow meter monitors one side of the process, either the flow or the return, and uses an input from a second separate temperature sensor on the opposite side of the process to calculate energy consumption. Selectable energy units include BTU, MBTU (thousand BTU), MMBT (million BTU), MWHr (mega watt-hour), KWHr (kilo watt-hour), HPHr (horsepower hours), MCal (mega calories), and MJ (mega joules). The transmitter indicates the two measured temperatures, the difference of the temperatures, the total mass as well as the energy consumption.

A single multivariable sensor with integrated flow computer and an external temperature sensor contributes significantly to reducing initial procurement and installation costs. In additionally, the robust design reduces maintenance costs.