Magnetic Inductive Flow Meter
Type: MIM

Precise dosing of smallest quantities

The new flowmeter MIM was developed for measuring and monitoring smaller- and medium-sized flow of conductive liquids in pipes.

The device operates according to the electromagnetic measurement principle. According to Faraday’s Law of magnetic induction, a voltage is induced in a conductor moving through a magnetic field. The electrically conductive measuring agent acts as the moved conductor. The voltage induced in the measuring agent is proportional to the flow velocity and is therefore a value for the volumetric flow. The flowing media must have a minimum conductivity. The induced voltage is picked up by two sensing electrodes which are in contact with the measuring agent and sent to the measuring amplifier. The flow rate will be calculated based on the cross sectional area of the pipe.

The measurement is not depending on the process liquid and its material properties such as density, viscosity and temperature. Two given outputs can be set to be switch, analogue or frequency. Also a dosing function can be selected, where output 1 is set as switch NPN / PNP / PP and output 2 is set as control input.

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Be in pharmaceutical industry, in water treatment or in food production: If conductive media such as cooling water are added to a process, magnetic-inductive flow meters are usually installed for monitoring purposes, particularly in the context of dosing where the measuring flow meters must possess precise response times, and should also be easy to configure, otherwise incorrect dosing or insufficient repeatability will occur. Although there are already many accurate devices for small and medium flow rates in the market place, they are often limited in functionality or lack flexibility at the installation stage. KOBOLD Messring GmbH provides these features as standard with its flow meter MIM. Due to the extensive options for on-site programming, they are suitable for cross-industry use, particularly for dosing applications. Configurable optical buttons can be used to display parameters such as flow rates or temperatures. A changing colour system in the display also warns of limit violations. Since the MIM model is the first variant produced in a remote version, in which the display and electronics are not integrated in the sensor unit, the flow meter can also be used for media temperatures from -40°C up to +140 ° C.

Special features
  • All-metal design: stainless steel
  • Flow and temperature measurement
  • Monitoring, dosing and transmitter function
  • Dosing function with external control input
  • Coloured, multi-parameter configurable TFT-display, rotatable in 90° steps
  • Bidirectional measuring
  • Intuitive setup menu via 4 optical touch keys
  • 2 configurable outputs (pulse-/frequency-/alarm- and analogue output)
  • Grand and resettable totaliser
  • Drinking water approval
Technical Data
  • Measurement principle: electromagnetic
  • Range: see table below
  • Media: conductive liquids
  • Minimum conductivity: ≥20 μS/cm
  • Max. pressure: 16 bar
  • Accuracy: <<±(0.8 % of reading + 0.5 % of full scale)*
  • Repeatability: ±0,2 % of full scale
  • Response time flow t90
    • Alarm / Pulse / Frequency output: <100 ms
    • Analogue output: <1 s
  • Temperature measurement
    • Sensor: PT1000
    • Accuracy: ≤±2 °C (flow >0,2 m/s)
    • Measuring range: temperature range of medium
    • Response time temperature t90 (signal output): <20 s
  • Mounting position: in all directions
  • In-/outlet: 3 x DN/2 x DN
  • Operation: 4 optical touch sensors, useable with hand gloves**
  • Housing: stainless steel 1.4404, display screen PMMA
Measuring ranges
Process connectionInner diamater (DN)Measuring range
G ¼2,4×3 mm0,01…1 l/min
G ½5 mm0,03 3 l/min / 0,04 10 l/min
½” NPT5 mm0,48…48 GPH / 0,01…2,6 GPM
G ¾10 mm0,1…25 l/min / 0,2…50 l/min
¾” NPT10 mm0,025…6,6 GPM / 0,05…13 GPM
G 115 mm0,2…50 l/min / 0,4…100 l/min
1″ NPT15 mm0,05…13 GPM / 0,1…26 GPM
G 2see dimensional drawing1,5…350 l/min / 3…650 l/min
2″ NPTsee dimensional drawing0,4…90 GPM / 0,8…170 GPM

* Under reference conditions:

  • Media temperature: 15 °C … 30 °C, 1 cSt, 500 μS/cm, 1 bar
  • Ambience temperature: 15 °C … 30 °C

** Limited functionality with black rubber gloves.