Variable Area Flow Meter – Plastic tube

Type: KSK, KSM

For liquids ans gases

KOBOLD plastic flowmeters and switches model KSK are based on the well known suspended float principle.

They are used for measuring and monitoring flows in closed pipes.

The media flows, from below, through a conical plastic measuring tube. This raises the float and the flow rate can be read off against the scale. The instruments can be fitted with bistable switches.

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Schwebekörper-Durchflussmesser/-wächter-Kunststoff KSM



Flow measurement and monitoring of liquid or gaseous products in vertical pipes. They show the current flow quantity in volume or mass per unit in time.

Special features
  • Simple, robust and service friendly design
  • All plastic PVC crystal clear
  • Shock resistant and corrosion-resistant
  • High chemical resistance
  • Adjustable limit switches
Technical data

Measuring rangeWater: 1,5…11 – 100 … 1000 l/h
Air: 0,15…0,45 – 20…105 Nm3/h Luft
Water:15…150 – 8000…60.000 l/h
Air: 0,8…5 – 300…2500 m³/h
Process connectionG ¼ … G 1 AG, glue-in connection DN10 … DN25½” … 3½”
MaterialTrogamide, Polysulfone, PVDFTrogamide-T, Polysulfone
pmaxPN1016 bar
tmax140°C60°C (Trogamide), 100°C (Polysulfone)
AccuracyClass 4 acc to VDIClass 4 acc to VDI
OptionLimit switch, Air scalereed contact