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We measure liquids and gases as well as multiple phase medias and light bulks. Our measuring instruments have been a reliable partner in process engineering for over 100 years. Accurate measurement is our passion and a strong group ensures our accessibility on site – worldwide.

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TMU-W Durchflussmesser für Wasserstoff
Stauklappe TSK
Magnetisch Induktiver Durchflussmesser EPS
Wirbeldurchflussmesser Vortex DVH

Performance in action
for over 100 years

Reliable products for extreme conditions
Oil & Gas Industry

Customized solutions
for individuality and innovation

Machinery & Plant Engineering

High performance
requires efficient
measurement technology

Technology for laboratories.

Robust measurement technology for difficult applications
Petrochemical industry

Precision for Maritime
Ship building

Economical and efficient
water management


Water & Wastewater

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As a member of the KOBOLD Group we are represented on all continents and have production sites and contact partners around the globe. The KOBOLD Group has production facilities in Germany, Hungary, Spain, China and the USA. In addition, the globally active KOBOLD Group has subsidiaries in 30 countries.

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with anything less.

As a quality manufacturer of revolutionary measurement technology, we are committed to 100% performance, quality and safety. We are awarded to the highest international standards and certified to ISO 9001:2015 and the Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU (DRG). As an audited manufacturer and welding company, we have been awarded the welding quality requirements ISO 3834. We are certified for use in potentially explosive atmospheres in accordance with the ATEX product directive.


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