Vortex Flow Meter
Insertion Version Typ: DVE

Our vortex flowmeter provides accurate and reliable flow measurement. In addition to the high-precision velocity sensor, the flowmeter includes a precision temperature sensor and a pressure transmitter. Thus it is possible to measure volumetric flow, mass flow, temperature, pressure, density and energy consumption with one device. The multivariable principle reduces complexity and cost compared to installing multiple individual devices to obtain the same process measurements.

The installation concept as an immersion probe allows easy installation via a weld-in socket. An additional advantage here is that with the use of the optional installation and removal device, the measuring device can be removed without interrupting the process.

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  • Reliable measurement of liquids, gases and steam.
  • Classic for steam measurement (saturated steam / superheated steam)
  • Energy Monitoring
Special features
  • Insertion type flow meter with compression fitting or packing gland for pipe sizes from DN80 (3″) to DN600 (24″)
  • High temperature version up to 400°C (750°F)
  • Max. operating pressure: 100 bar abs. (1500 psia)
  • With 3 senor elements, the following parameters are determined:
  • Volume flow rate, mass flow rate, temperature, pressure, density
Technical data


Process variableLiquidGas & Steam
Volume flow± 1,2% of rate± 1,5% of rate
Mass flow± 1,5% of rate± 2,0% of rate
Temperature±1°C(± 2°F)± 1°C (± 2°F)
Pressure±0,3% of full scale±0,3% of full scale
Density±0,3% of rate±0,5% of rate


  • Mass flow ±0,2% of rate
  • Volume flow ±0,1% of rate
  • Temperature ± 0,1°C (±0,2°F)
  • Pressure ±0,05% of full scale
  • Density ±0,1% of rate

Stability (over 12 Months)

  • Mass flow ±0,2% of full scale
  • Volume flow negligible error
  • Temperature ±0,5°C (±0,1°F)
  • Pressure ±0,1% of full scale
  • Density ±0,1% of rate

Response time

  • Adjustable from 1 to 100s

Process and Ambient Temperature

  • Standard temp.: -40…260°C (-40…500°F)
  • High temp.: up to 400°C (750°F)
  • Cryogenic temp.: down to -200°C (-330°F)
  • Ambient temp.: -40…60°C (-40…140°F)
  • Storage temp.: -40…85°C (-40…185°F)

Power supply (model dependent)

  • 12…36 VDC 2-wire, loop powered
  • 12…36 VDC, 4-wire
  • 100…240 VAC, 50/60Hz


  • Alphanumeric 2 line x 16 character LCD digital display
  • 6 pushbuttons for full field configuration
  • Display rotatable in 90° intervals

Output signals

  • 4…20 mA
  • Alarm: Solid state relay, 40 VDC
  • Totalizer Pulse: 50ms pulse, 40 VDC
  • Volumetric: 1 analog, 1totalizer pulse
  • Multivariable: up to 3 analog signals, 3 alarms, 1 totalizer pulse
  • HART®
  • Modbus RTU (RS 485)


Device sizing