Differential pressure transmitter
Type: PAD

The Kobold differential pressure transmitter type PAD is a high performance microprocessor based transmitter with flexible pressure calibration and output, automatic compensation of ambient temperature and process variables, configuration of various parameters and communication using HART® protocol. The applications are very versatile, such as for pressure measurement, flow measurement or level measurement.

All data from the sensor is read into an EEPROM, modified and stored. The Kobold differential pressure transmitter is optionally available as a flow meter. This flow meter type PAD-F has a totalising function in the PAD transmitter. It is therefore possible to record the flow rate and the totalised flow.

The PAD-F measures flow using differential pressure without compensation for temperature and static pressure. Except for the difference in the terminal block, the shape of the PAD-F is the same as the standard unit. The terminal block of the PAD-F has only two additional terminals for reading the frequency output.

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