Magnetic Level Switches
Type: M

Kobold magnetic float switches are fitted with a hermetically sealed contact which is situated in the tube.

The float sliding on the tube contains a ring magnet whose magnetic field switches the sealed contact in a non contacting fashion. The sealed contacts are available as N/O, N/C or changeover contacts.

The float sliding up and down on the liquid is the only moving part in the Kobold magnetic float switches.

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Magnetic level switches are used for the monitoring and control of liquid levels in vessels. Magnetic level switches are manufactured to customer specification.

An overview of types available with minimum lengths of guide tube is set out on the following pages. Please refer to this overview when placing your order. Furthermore any limits can be specified within the limits found in the brochure.

For example:

  • Longer guide tube
  • Longer connection cable
  • Different cable materials
  • Several contacts and different contact operations
  • Wide range connections and electrical terminal boxes
  • Different materials
Technical data
  • Contact: max. 4 reed switches
  • Connection: G ⅛ … G 2 male thread, flange DN50 … DN125, 1½ … 4″
  • Material: brass, stainless steel, PVC-U, PP, PVDF, NBR
  • pmax: 100 bar
  • tmax: 150°C
  • Liquid density: from 0.5 g/ml