All Metal Design – Variable Area Flow Meter
Type: KDS, BGK & KDS-R

All Metal Design – Low Flow – Variable Area Flow Meter

The KDS and BGK flowmeters are used for measuring the flow of liquid and gaseous products in pipes as well as dosing, monitoring, adjusting and controlling them. They show the current flow quantity in volume or mass per unit in time.

Measuring the volume flow rate of extremely low flow rates of liquids and gases

For process monitoring and regulation, the units are available with additional electrical equipment.

  • Design for horizontal and vertical connections available
  • A variety of sealing materials
  • Wall mounting possibility (KDS-C)
  • Differential Pressure Flow Controller (option) (KDS-R)
  • High pressure versions (option)
  • Flange version (BGK)
  • Analog output KDS(BGK)-E

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